Car Line Procedures

For anyone who has, does, or may bring a child to school or pick up a child after school.

Please, please follow these simple rules. Our line will move faster and more smoothly!

In the Morning:

1. Always have your child get in or out on the sidewalk side of the car. We have had some close calls. It can be hard to slide by child seats but please do not let your child out on the driver’s side.

2. Permit your child to exit anywhere along the length of the sidewalk, indicated by the RED STRIPE down the middle of the drive. 

3. If you have issues to discuss with your child; papers to find or sign; instructions to give, please park in a space and then walk your student into the building.

4. If you leave a space between you and the car in front of you, you can pull around if the person in front is delayed.

5. Please do not leave your vehicle in the pick-up line to come into the school... if you need to come into the building, please park in the lot and come in.

In the Evening:

1. ANY TIME you pick your child up: have an easily read sign in the front window of the car!! Even if I know your car, please follow this. A big Thank You to those of you that do so every day!! This is especially important if you rarely pick up your child. Always have a sign.

 2. If your child needs help in buckling up or getting settled, please get your child in the car and pull up so you are not holding up the rest of the line.

3. If you regularly pick up your child and you are having someone else do it, please be sure to call the office and let them know or send a note. I need to verify who is picking up your child; if there is no indication, I have to call inside and have it verified. This slows things down.